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« If you want bluff, theatricality, glitters, then go your way ! The kitchen referred to Tupina has been painstakingly polished by years, between the kitchen garden and the fireplace ».
From the book " The kitchen of the Tupina »Editions Milan - 2004


Menu of th day for 18€
Only served for lunch, Except on weekends and public holidays


COFFEE and BIG MERVEILLE (french Doughnut)

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Children menu 18 €
Served for lunch and dinner, the whole week

Petit Filet of Beef
Fries cooked in goose fat
Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream

Photo credit : Renos Champipis

Menu “Classic” 64 €

Terrine of foie gras mi-cuit
Boiled egg and Caviar


Steaks from Bordeaux and Bone Marrow
confit goose wing, Potato Sarladaise
Cod with garlic

"Canelé" and Icecream
Red Berries Sorbet
and Jam Old Boy

A menu La Tupina as a present

If you want to please and introduce La Tupina, we suggest you to offer “Menu guests” La Tupina we imagined for your guests.
They will receive a personalized card and have a period of one year from the date of issuance to complete their booking.
For otherpieces of information, please contact Ms. Karima Essalmi to 05 56 91 56 37 or mail latupina(at)

The “Menu guests” for 74€
Menu “Classic” (above details) , served with 3 glasses of wine and a bottle of mineral water (1L)

Photo credit : Renos Champipis

Vegetables and Fruits

The custom of market gardening is historical in Bordeaux : Eysines, Macau, Bruges, Blanquefort the market places in Bordeaux and the surroundings. Small producers deliver us according to the season, asparagus, tomatoes…

This automn, a la carte, few starters :

Ham fried with Shallots 18 €
Fried calamari way “"like elvers"” 19 €
“Mi-Cuit” Foie Gras terrine 21 €
St. Jacques at 22 € Duck Bacon


grilled alose , les piballes ou civelles, small aales cooked in olive oil with garlic and piments

We prioritize fish from the estuary : these fish have resulted in revenues that have become true Bordeaux specialties like lamprey cooked in wine with leeks or the famous sturgeon eggs : caviar.

The sturgeon
The estuary of the Gironde has always been home to the sturgeon which became a highly appreciated fish for its eggs from early in the 20ths. The Gironde, once empty of sturgeons, is now restored nearby to suitable conditions for sturgeons, where they are bred in order to produce a high quality caviar. La Tupina is supplied by : Sturia

A la carte :
The 30 grammes of caviar from Aquitaine 80 €

The Lamprey
The lamprey is the legendary fish of the Bordeaux gastronomy, Years back the Romans already used to cook it. Its long and meticulous preparation, is usually dedicated to canning and perpetuates the tradition of local dishes that were used to be served for special occasions. La Tupina is supplied by : Conserverie Garde à Libourne.

A la carte :
Bordeaux-style lamprey can, red wine sauce 45 €



Chicken is a typical example of a highly consumed produce which has often lost its quality because of industrial methods of production, yet with small productions true chicken remains a quality delicacy, often served sundays during familial lunch. La Tupina is supplied by Vertessec farm . Free-range chicken are raised there for at least 120 days (where 40 an industrial chicken is raised for 40 days).

A la carte :
Roasted chicken with stuffing and croutons, french fries cooked in goose fat 25 €

Every part of the duck can be eaten ! Duck is very important to the Sud Ouest gastronomy. It is force-fed with corn and fatten slowly.

A la carte :

Foie Gras Semi-Preserved 21 €
Duck breast grilled on the fireplace, french fries cooked in goose fat 24 €

The Beef and Veal grilled


Grilled meats are cooked in the center of the restaurant, on the fireplace. The technique is ancient, it's a quick and simple cooking that always results in the most delicious meat.
All of our grilled meats are served with french fries cooked in goose fat.
La Tupina mostly serves beef from Germany or Switzerland (Simmenthal). Despite our efforts to offer local produces : serving Simmenthal beef, is a quality-based choice and offers a deliciously marbled meat. Despite that, we try our best to also offer local breeds as the Charolaise or the Blonde d'Aquitaine.

A la carte :
Beef tournedos 35 €
Tournedos of Beef slice of seared foie gras 45 €

Prime rib of beef for 2 or 3 persons (The kilogram) 70 – 120 €
Veal kidney 30 €

Game animals

The Sud-Ouest is a land of hunting, harvesting, fishing and breeding. To us, hunting is a tradition and the land is full of game animals. Depending on the season and deliveries, we offer partridges, pheasants, hares, and wood pigeons, simply grilled or cooked, all for your gourmet pleasure.

In the suggestion was, depending on availability and the opening of hunting :
Palombe rôtie, deer steak, whole mallard …

The Lamb

All year long, we offer a shoulder of lamb long cooked in oven.
La Tupina is supplied by : Boucherie Sovian

A la carte :
Braised shoulder of lamb with gravy and unpeeled garlic, Mogettes 30 €

Traditional dishes

There are several dishes which represent local gastronomic traditions, that can never be boring. La Tupina offers two indispensable of them : the chalossais cassoulet and the macaronade.
The cassoulet recipe varies according to the region : in Chalosse, south of the Landes, it is cooked with duck drumsticks.
The macaronade is a pasta-based recipe, with cream, foie gras, ceps and bacon. Georgette Descat, a great chef from the Landes, was the first one to offer it in her restaurant, Lou Landès.

A la carte :
The Macaronade 27 €
Our special this spring, The chalossais cassoulet 28 €


A gourmet meal has to be concluded with a dessert ! La Tupina menu offers a range of desserts, according to the season, inspired by the old-fashioned home cooking and the local flagship produces : the canelé, the prunes, the french toast…
Ice-creams are prepared by Benedict Moon , ice-cream artisan in Lot et Garonne.

A la carte :
Cheese plate 12 €
crème Brûlée 9 €
Chocolate Cake, Custard 10 €
Prunes with Armagnac 9 €
"Canelé" and Icecream, Salted Butter Caramel Topping 10 €

The Wine List

Hand-written for a long time in a school book, it is now presented by categories and prices, as do the merchants in their registers : the favorite ones, the affordable ones, the classic ones, and the exceptional ones.

This order offers a better readability and helps to make a choice among dozens of references.

Armagnacs and Cognacs

Photo credit : Renos Champipis

As in any important establishment, but here more than anywhere else, the liqueur lover will take pleasure : in tasting the finest local “eaux-de-vie”.

Herbal Teas

Photo credit : Renos Champipis

At first enjoy the scents of our herbal teas in big glass pots… and then end your meal on a lighter note !
A la carte :
Lime Tea – 6 €
"Fennel" (Fennel, liquorice, galanga (kind of ginger)) – 6 €
« Lemonchaï » (Lemongrass, Hibiscus, green tea) – 6 €
« Sambuco » (Elderflower, Juniper, Turmeric) – 6 €
"Bois d'Inde" (Cinnamon, ginger, Jamaican Chili, liquorice) – 6 €
"Vin de Bois" (Lemongrass, reason, Cacao, Cynorhodon, of flowers”orange tree, marigold flowers, Apple) – 6 €

6, rue Porte de la Monnaie – 33800 Bordeaux

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