La Tupina

The fireplace at the heart of the restaurant

In the past, in the countryside, the fireplace was used not just for heating the house but also for lighting up evenings around the hearth. The fireplace , is the warm symbol of “La Tupina” , everything happens around it : the welcome of the customers and the life of the restaurant. In the fireplace Tricandilles (a grilled pork Bordeaux speciality) sizzle in the pan, the soup simmers, and poultry, roast beef, , and other meats are cooked on the embers…
In year 1985, Jean-Pierre Xiradakis created the association « Défense et Sauvegarde des Traditions du Sud-Ouest » (Defense and Safeguard of The South West Traditions) which gathers the best chefs in the region : Jean-Marie Amat, Michel Guérard, André Daguin, Michel Trama to mention only the best known ones.
Now, the association continues its work to sensitize the public to regional agricultural productions and the valorization of this heritage, and it publishes a quarterly gazette, : “Le Potiron Bleu” (The Blue Pumpkin) in “La Rue Gourmande” (the Gourmet Street)..


The Cauldron

“La Tupina” means cauldron or pot in Basque.. Being the emblem of the restaurant, it sits imposingly in the fireplace and is used during winter to simmer soups, whose fragrant scent spreads through the whole restaurant.

Products and Dishes



« If you want bluff, theatricality, glitters, then go your way ! The cooking practiced in La Tupina has been patiently established through the years, between the kitchen garden and the fireplace ».
From the book " The kitchen of the Tupina »Editions Milan - 2004

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A menu La Tupina as a present

If you want to please and introduce La Tupina, we suggest you to offer “Menu guests” La Tupina we imagined for your guests.
They will receive a personalized card and have a period of six months from the date of issue to make bookings.
For otherpieces of information, please contact Ms. Fleur at Dubarry 05 56 91 56 37 or mail latupina(at)

The “Menu guests” for 74€
Served with 3 glasses of wine and a bottle of mineral water (1L)

Photo credit : Renos Champipis

Cheese plate + 3 €
A glass of champagne + 14€

Terrine of foie gras mi-cuit
St Jacques roasted Jerusalem artichoke and truffle

Zander fillet fried and seasonal vegetables
Confit Goose Wing, Potato Sarladaise

"Cannelé "Stuffed with ice cream
Red Fruit Sorbet, Jam From Old Boy

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