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For this 26 edition of the "Kill Pig", you came many to share this
good time and sharing with us. We thank you.

And a big thank you to our partners : La Ferme des Vallons for the pig, livestock
Bordeaux, La Fabrique Breads and Bricoles, Preserves the Guard, castles La Dauphine,
Ducourt, Fonréaud and Chantegrive.

Here are some photos, for those who were present at the gourmet street.

See you next year !

“Walking.. vine”


“Walking.. vine”
Jean-Pierre Xiradakis
Feret Editions 2016,
brooch 192 p
17,50 €

While there is of the vine, there is hope
By Jean-Pierre Gené,

Bordeaux Party, Jean-Pierre walked over a month through the vineyards to reach the cemetery of Imvros, small Cretan village, where six tombs show the same surname as his : Xiradakis. ” I was looking for anything, I did not expect the Holy Grail. Just know a little better the origin of the name I bear for several decades, and now with pride. The name with which I journeyed throughout my personal and professional background. The name that was hard to take in my teens, with my friends in this popular area of ​​Spanish emigrants. This name which earned me jeers to military service. This exotic sounding name for some but that forged my personality. ” He has just published the story of that journey, pretext for a virtual room where one eats sandwiches and omelettes cross the road and sprinkled with modest wine.
Jean-Pierre Xiradakis today is known and valued is on the Bordeaux and the owner of restaurant La Tupina (” the pot “, Basque), opened in 1968 bought in a local 700 francs door of the Currency, a neighborhood of immigrants that the bourgeois was careful to avoid. They all came from, this became greedy and pretty street where, under his leadership, now rub restaurants, bistros, grocery, caviste, guest house. taster bottles end, locavore before time, strong advocate products and kitchen of this West that roams backpackers for decades, he chose, see you soon 70 years of age, go through the vineyards in search of their roots and hers.
” Only walking, because it is true freedom, trustful abandonment, allows fully appreciate that perceive our five sense constantly solicited. There is no Saturday or Sunday. Only days that pass, differently, deeper, live hours, seasons, human relationships, the smells, whose own his. It empties the mind to live completely. ”
GR 6 in GR 77, of Roman road in county, walk, hitchhiking, by bus, by train, on a boat, as it moves away from Bordeaux, ” the restorer of Gironde disappear in favor of a traveler like other -Anonymous. At the same time, wines will evolve met, of it influenced by marketing to the sublime wine : that of the moment, one that surprises us, one that turns our dream into reality. but we still have for your pleasure young partridges, pheasans, ruails, hares and wood pigeons., the emotion. ”
the wine as ” truth of a terroir ”
Jean-Pierre has everything tasted Xiradakis, the best and the worst. He knows the Bordeaux vineyard vine by vine and winegrowers by name. The factory and the wine trade have few secrets for him. Shanghai to New York, he has seen much and learned, more, during this trip, he will ask the right question : ” What is a good wine ? ”
Through Cahors, Gaillac, Minervois, the Baux de Provence, the Thoronet, Liguria and Tuscany, his judgment turned : ” I put the nose in the glass with more humility and circumspection. I do not only search the largest unattainable, but simply the truth of a terroir and the man who shaped the vine with his beliefs and knowledge. Pierre Coste, The Revo-lutions in the palace, spoke of the "wanted wine or wine suffered". I am now in the desired wine. ”
In this autobiography vino-perso where the author never gets angry – even when denied a slice of roast pork – emerges a profound respect for nature and those who prefer to grow rather than exploit. Step by step, he portrays these people and their passion for the vine. This vine, in the deep land, crossed somewhere Cretan roots to produce a single grape : le Tour (dakis) walker.”

By Jean-Pierre Gené,
The World Style,
12 July 2016

Hommage au patrimoine culinaire du Sud-Ouest en Algérie pour “GOUT DE FRANCE / GOOD FRANCE”

The Taste of France initiative

initiated in 2015 by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, M. Laurent Fabius, in partnership with the star chef Alain Ducasse, Taste of France / Good France is a global event that celebrates the excellence of French cuisine, its capacity for innovation and the values ​​it : sharing, pleasure, respect of "eating well", his contemporaries and the planet.


Taste of France in Algeria

In Algeria the operation was extensive and many French and Algerian leaders were on the kitchen 21 mars, in all the countries, to prepare recipes inspired by French traditions while drawing on the Algerian heritage.

The Embassy of France in Algeria and the French Institute of Algeria partnership with the prestigious Culinary College de France and La Tupina concocted a dense program combining the business with pleasure, with lectures, a competition to select young Algerian cooks who will be trained in France and a gourmet dinner in Algiers, Constantine, Annaba, Oran and Tlemcen !

Oran : Jean-Pierre XIRADAKIS, the owner of the restaurant Tupina in Bordeaux, and Franck AUDU, head chef, were greeted by Faisal HABBI in the kitchens of the Hotel Royal Ambassadors.

Tlemcen : Yves LEMARIE, chef at Relais de Listrac, in the Bordeaux region, Toula and HADJ MILOUD, young leader 27 years of age, teamed in the kitchens of the Renaissance Arabesque.

Alger : Stéphane CARRADE, chef at Petit Commerce in Bordeaux, invested kitchens Saveurs du Savoir, restaurant of the Institute of France in Algiers.

Annaba : Emmanuel Bouchet, Bordeaux head the Manufactures Bread and Bricoles, at the Residence of the Consul General.

Constantine : Julien CRUEGE, Bordeaux head, has combined his talents with those of Rachid ABROUS at Novotel.

The menu 32 Euros

Aperitif and coffee + 4 €

3 glasses of wine choice + 9 €


Entrance noirouTerrine pork ham jourouAssiette mi-cuit foie gras


Duck breast entierouBar the planchaouPièce butcher in salt


Baked apple and ice vanilleouFondant to chocolatouPruneaux Armagnac

Kill the Pig 2011

Hello everyone,

Tuesday 8 mars, to celebrate “Carnival”, we look forward to seeing you “the Tupina” for the “Kill Pig”.

Like every year, We invite you to treat yourself to good” franquette”, rillettes, hams, of gratons and other “charcutailles”. To accompany all this, French brasserie styles the “Château Cluzeau” will celebrate its fifth vintage and you will discover the typical wines of Bergerac.

Meanwhile, butchers prepare traditional “Jimbourra” we propose you the menu “pig” which will be served for lunch.

This year, we will be hosting “revenue workshops” where you can participate in the development of recipes “Kill Pig” as the “Jimboura” (sausage soup), the “Worse sauce” or the manufacture of sausage.

For lunch, “La Tupina” et “Le Comestible” will offer the following menu :


40 € (Except Drink)

Tricandilles et Carbonnades (appetizers)


Crunchy, Mashed Potaoes

Worse sauce

French Toast , Custard

Remember to book your table 05 56 91 56 37

We await you as many each year.


Our partners for this edition 2011 :

The Black Pig of Bigorre, Charcuterie Bordelaise, Castle Cluzeau, Oysters Cazaubon (town of’ Grass)

In January the Cellar Bar

Every Friday evening (from 19:30 to 22:30), We invite you to discover a castle presented by its owner. On this occasion, a drink will be served during dinner. The next tasting will be held : -Friday 21 January “Chateau La Rame” -Friday 28 January “Chateau De Laville” -Friday 4 February 'Chateau De Marsan” (Premières Côtes de Bordeaux)

Maison Fredon – the project

It was a dream that became a project : able to meet the growing demand of customers asking us to find them a bed and breakfast in town. What we found behind the walls is very encouraging : pastel coatings, sale chimneys eighteenth in "their juice", viagra the French ceilings and volumes that allow greater comfort. Street Porte de La Monnaie construction of the new mint by the Intendant Tourny in 1750 was the pretext for the modernization of this area. In the axis of the main façade of the hotel has long existed, search the street Anglaise, which it was said that the name came from the fact that in the Middle Ages, only English soldiers risked there it was so poorly attended. It is also called, street "des Arlots", plain prostitutes. Olivier Fredon and his wife, were grocers , street Porte de La Monnaie when I bought "The Tupina" in 1968. His family bought the building at the end of the eighteenth century (see photo). They lived their entire professional lives. Evening, their day's work, they climbed upstairs to bed. Olivier Fredon was a grocer. He was listening to the neighborhood. He knew all its inhabitants and their stories. His book "credit" was actually a reflection of the life of this neighborhood. When I started work on "The Tupina", the "Fredon" welcomed me with curiosity and kindness. After opening of restaurant, it was at the grocery store opposite, we were going to help us out of staples. This contact was, for us, primordial. Mr. Fredon and his wife, were the link between the restaurant and residents. It was the time, where there were still in the street, 18 shops : grocery, delicatessen, restaurant worker, bakery, pharmacy, hairdressing salon, cabinetmaker, artisans, bar… In 2000, when they stopped their activity to retire, it is quite natural to me, they have turned me offering to buy their building. The name "Maison Fredon" is a tribute to a family who has devoted his life work to small locals. PROJECT ROOM HOST, this house facing "La Tupina" accompanied 43 years of my professional life. It is a testament to the evolution of the street and its transformation. Now, this street is beautiful and harmonious. The buildings eighteenth are simple, but speak for themselves in the history of Bordeaux. In this building, I would first like to preserve this rich history. Habitat eighteenth modest indeed is the reflection of city life this time ; space, French ceilings, chimneys. This fingerprint time will be kept and development by offering 5 rooms (3 to 50 m2 2 rooms of 30 m2) where, Preference will be given comfort and decoration made furniture and contemporary artists who have shaped our time. I want to somehow provide a form of hospitality with modern criteria will appeal to your sensibility. It is an adventure that I want to share. Let me know your opinions and desires.