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Les canelés of La Tupina

Covered with a caramelized crust, the canelé is a small soft paste cake flavored with vanilla and rum. According to legend, it was invented in the eighteenth century by the nuns of the Annunciation in Sainte Eulalie convent in Gironde. The splined was a little thin dough cake coated with a rod stem and fried lard. It is said that the port, religious salvaged pinned wheat boats wedges. Over time, the recipe has improved and this cake was baked in a fluted bronze mold.

Today canelé is an iconic product of Bordeaux.


You want to have fun and discover the pastries of La Tupina, contains "canelés" we prepared for you.

Takeaway :

The 8 Wholesale canelés the Tupina in his tin box 16 €

The 18 small canelés the Tupina in his iron box 16 €

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