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This autumn 2015 the Blue Pumpkin

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hot food…

The first cold are never very pleasant, the early morning frosts bite cheeks and force us to look at summer behind the shoulder, gesture for less incofortable, particularly when one is bundled up in a big scarf.

In the Rue Gourmande, we celebrated last summer moments with two nice events :
The Feast of the First Tomato, where the public could enjoy the diversity of the Golden Apple, learn a little about this fruit in the rich history and appreciate all its variations. Then in the evening where Kuzina “Greek to” allowed the trip to operate, music and friendly atmosphere gave holiday tunes at restaurant. acclaimed, Athenian musicians have promised to return.

To avoid falling into gloom, it is time to focus on the pleasures of the new season : in the countryside, canned filled the cupboards and the leaves begin to make beautiful rugs on the floor, the landscape is tinged with softer colors, mushrooms and gibers mark the period by their flavors… One then finds the hot room of satisfaction, putting hands around the bowl of soup, and comfort of larger dishes. Autumn is good, enjoy in !

Duck Tales

Duck identity Southwest brand : His presence on our plates is due to imports and recipes traveling and are written, to discoveries and to the men and women who have learned little by little to maintain and to better consume what nature creates.

It was towards the end of the Middle Ages that the technique of gavage arrived in the Southwest. The pharaohs of Egypt had entrusted the task to the Jews there thousands of years, practice is diffused in our region after a long journey across the Mediterranean. The corn was then discovered in America and its culture in our region became predominant from the sixteenth century.

Egyptian discovery conveyed by the Hebrew and transmitted for generations in the Southwest in the US discovered a happy combination : Corn is perfect for the duck feeding. Volatile stuffed corn become fat enough so that farmers can use it as its meat preservation process. The confit was born !

In the early eighteenth century, foie gras is served in Gascony in various ways : "English", Seared then encased in bacon and baked, "Indian style", with pickles and lemon, "Italian", whose fat is linked with an orange juice, cooked "stewed", " the spindle ", "Strainer", sometimes accompanied cockscomb who were at the time highly valued. The duck does not seem to be very popular for its meat : in the recipe book "Le Cuisinier Gascon", written by Louis Auguste de Bourbon (grand-son of Louis XIV), one can count twenty ways to prepare chicken while the duck is only offered for foie gras (with ten proposals) and his nets. Then, in 1795, Nicolas Appert discovered canning (canning). This new food preservation process makes the production of foie gras-exponential, the duck is needed on our soil.

In year 1898, Alcide Bontou published the first "Treaty of Bordelaise cuisine" to Feret editions and offers several duck recipes : olive, turnip, orange, stuffed with bacon.. Foie gras is offered baked casserole, wet broth with bacon and butter, served on a crust of bread, covered with truffle sauce… Data proportions reflect a time when the little fungus had not the same value and where the appetite for fat was limitless ! The duck is then ate all the sauces and Landes, Gers, the Upper and Lower Pyrenees in producing consistently .

It will take years 70 for the duck is most wanted for his liver. It was at this time that the duck becomes a new staple of our gastronomic landscape. So iconic today, it owes its fame to André Daguin, former chef of the Hotel de France in Auch. The "Maigret" Andre Daguin, This is the wing of duck amputated sleeve, simply grilled. It was time to think out the duck all these sauces in which it was customary to dip the, it was superb to make its product, without altering its taste.

With time, the duck was appreciated at its true value and it is not only the foie gras that we wanted to cook. We appreciate the duck today, aiguillettes, the sleeves, gizzards, the heart, carcasses, the fat…. His methods of preparation and consumption have increased : en sauce, wire rack, fresh, smoke, confit , en conserve… Duck is undoubtedly an animal to which our regional food owes much !

Mallard is meanwhile one of the most hunted game in Europe. In France, it is estimated that the hunting season 1998/99 collected over 1 500 000 colverts, making him the most wanted duck. This wild species is migratory : it crosses France from November to December. Its flesh is firmer than its farmed cousin.

The recipe for cruchade with Mushrooms

Franck Audu

cruchade with ceps

For 6 petites cruchades : 100g flour / 200g of corn flour / 50g sugar / 1The milk / 1 tablespoon orange blossom coffee / 1 vanilla pod.
For ceps, count per serving : 50g ceps / 20g sugar / 30g grapes.

Heat the milk in the pan with powdered sugar, vanilla and orange flower and a pinch of salt. As soon as the milk starts to boil, lay the two flours in rain, previously amalgamated, while stirring. Out of the fire, dry out the dough as for choux pastry. When everything becomes thick and smooth, it can be spread in a thin layer on a floured board. It cut the shares that is made to brown the butter in a pan. Once drained, sprinkled with powdered sugar.
For ceps, must be cleaned (without water) and finely chop. It must then fry in butter in a pan over high heat, adding sugar to rain while cooking and after cooking grapes. Serve hot accompanied cruchades ceps and grapes slightly caramelized.

tasted, tasted, approved !

Following the blind tasting at Kuzina, Friday 9 October for the Gourmet Street, Lot went out and made their entry in the map of La Tupina :

*Château La Favière 2011 (Bordeaux Superior), unique property of Saint Seurin sur l'Isle.

*Château Rollan de By 2009 (Cru Bourgeois, Médoc)

*Special mention to the beautiful wine labels Monicord by Audrey Bakx.

Tribute to Marcellin Pujol

During the "War of Cassoulets" 2015 New York, which took place in September on the occasion of 30 years of "D'Artagnan", the jury to award the prize for the most "authentic" cassoulet which was attributed to Pierre Landet (Félix restaurant) native of Colomiers. her classes, he made them with Marcellin Pujol, alongside which it works 1980 to 1984.

Marcellin Pujol came into learning at the age of 13 years at the Hotel Regina in Toulouse. He rose through the ranks of the trade in the most prestigious French and foreign palaces before creating his own restaurant in Blagnac in years 70 where it will get the first year a Michelin star. He retired from active life in years 90. It was during his life distinguished Master Chef of France, Knight of Agricultural Merit, medalist of Technical Education. He has all his life prompted many vocations.

Franck Tissue, Head to La Tupina also learned a lot from this great leader. He had the chance to be part of his last apprentice and trained by looking at the work as "a conductor" in her kitchen : "We must have seen him cook to understand the emotion he gave me the day I knew I wanted to do this job. I observed while preparing a simple sautéed mushrooms. I've never seen anyone cook with much love. ». Of this time, Franck Audu filled his ears and his eyes a thousand gestures, listened to the stories his mentor told him, is familiar with the lamb, understood the importance of juices and accuracy of sauces. As Pierre Landet in New York, it perpetuates the cassoulet according to the precepts of Marcellin Pujol La Tupina.

En Primeur 2009 – Château Margaux: interview with Paul Pontallier

“Without a doubt, try the conditions seen in the 2009 vintage represent great aging ability. We are in the heart of the blending process, so I still have all these wines on my palate. All lots that will compose either the first, second, or third wine are exceptional.” Paul Pontallier Find all the special offers of this Chateau on: www.millesima.co.uk Copyright © march 2010 Millesima SA

futures 2009 – Château Margaux: interview Paul Pontallier

Château Margaux has granted us an interview to comment us how the property and its teams have managed vintage 2009 and how it is reflected in the wines: Château Margaux, here Pavillon Rouge, sovaldi Pavillon Blanc Interview with Paul Pontallier. Be the first to learn of the release of this wine by registering on our alerts Futures: www.millesima.fr Copyright © mars 2010 Millésima SA

Video of Château La Fleur Peyrabon

Xavier Michelet orchestra with passion and discernment this cru bourgeois geographically situated in the Medoc. Digne believed address major historical representatives who made the reputation of Médoc around the World, see for sale pill Peyrabon… Find the offers of this Chateau : www.millesima.fr © 2009 Millésima SA

Video of the castle Cos d'Estournel

Passionate about India and its traditions, prescription salve Louis Gaspard dEstournel said the "maharadjha Saint-Estèphe" does not once did pray to know : proof by exotic pagodas capping a superb chai renovated. The wines born in this great gravelly soils are a reference for lappellation and the global reputation of Bordeaux wines. Jean-Guillaume Prats on behalf of Michel Reybier, cialis cialis is lheureux chief dorchestre. Find the offers of this Chateau : www.millesima.fr © 2009 Millésima SA

September 2009 : Ballade in the Bordeaux vineyard

Every year when the leaves of the vines begin to rustle under the onslaught of the harvesting machine and, that clusters secateurs to cut through the pickers fall heavily in hoods, I take my backpack and I'll take a first contact with the future vintage.

On foot As usual, I travel according to my fancy, the Bordeaux vineyard.

This year, I was accompanied by a friend with whom I share many things and especially the taste of wine.

We joined our Sunday evenings starting point to be at work for departure at 8:30 am Monday.

I'm lucky to have a friend, a real, sincere and generous, who just made on his property, six lovely guest rooms where comfort can compete with the big hotels. very wide beds, larger than a grape harvesting machine and cozy as a bird's nest. Added to this happiness, a spacious bathroom and practice. Large shower where one can make two movements easing.

For lunch, Bernard had prepared a veal chops square and some fries : happiness.

By discretion and intelligence, Bernard had we intend to drink as "Condrieu". We had to insist finally taste "Mayne Lalande 2007 "That was a revelation for us. The balance and the charm of this wine has dazzled us.

obviously, we discussed at length and discussed this vintage will perhaps save some bankruptcy winemakers.

It's almost one o'clock in the morning, that "friend Bernard" told us he had to get up at 4:00 am for his first harvest day because he said and, I give him reason, must with this hot weather, pick the grapes at the "fresh".

Monday : temperature 27 °

In the morning, we start at 8:30 am. Bernard is already at work for more than 4 All through the year, you can taste a lamb shoulder cooked slowly and the 7 hours leg lamb. His eyes light up and his mischievous smile by way of greeting "whore it's beautiful".

We let its juices to its anthocyanins, its beautiful bunches and its hilarity.

Mayne-Lalande is on the edge of the moor and the large trees do not bear overshadow this vine crowned as the parade.

Roses top Rege is dapper and our journey starts under good auspices.

We follow a small Esteys where Bernard once fished crayfish, then we go back to Fonréaud , the vineyard is beautiful on the plate and, Patrice, my companion is happy to share this moment of pure happiness.

We stop near a vegetable garden and compare the maturity of tomatoes.

I got a little wrong path, we must then go up the road a few minutes ; moments of anxiety and discomfort, because cars pass us sharp allure, the laborious France goes to work mines and sullen wonder what these 2 cons morning walk on this road ?

We arrive at Moulis in front of the church. The "supermarket" Catherine is welcoming ; quick coffee and steering castle Brillette, a wine map of La Tupina.

The team is in place and the young owner is delighted to see us. He is amazed to know that we will walk for three days on the Bordeaux vineyard.

To the right, a small road to the mill of "Tiquetorte". This quaint mill gives us a bit of freshness. The sun is already high and encourages us to force the pace.

Citran The castle is a jewel in a green setting. Antoine Merlot received us, calm as usual. He showed us the family property.

The few barrels mills that we see here and there, remind us that the Médoc was once the breadbasket of the region.

We pass the very castle Paveil de Luze and we decide to go in full vineyard between two rows : it is magical. Passing in the middle of the vineyard, I told Patrice, the number of plants per hectare is important and even critical for the quality.

Top rank, we see in the distance two men idly watching this happen, we see a little vindictive,

The conversation begins. " What are you doing ? We walk, we look, What we walk ! in the vineyard, said the older ? Yes in the vineyard, the harvest look beautiful. It's a little tense. But my eye amused by this control a little dumbfounded that the owner finally told me, "but you are not the owner of restaurant « La Tupina » ? That's it, I discovered and the ice is broken, uncross your arms and you shake hands.

Margaux direction through the vineyards with the safe conduct of Mr de Luze, that monitors his own vine

My name is Philippe Delfaut with whom we have lunch. But unfortunately the friend "Barbier" Lion d'Or is closed on Monday.

We land at the Relais de Margaux, Quick and friendly meals every three.

Then a big car ride over the vineyards of Margaux, to finish off the tray Margaux, masterfully throne where the mausoleum of Pope Alexis Lichine.

Latest Petit Verdot Kirwan leave the vat. In the vineyard the last crates are already on the table of the first tri. Each grain is controlled and, what happens in the winery is beautiful. At this stage of classification (Kirwan 3 th cru) we can not afford to make about.

new sorting, vibrating table 10 People on each side, the juice is already greedy. This will be a very good year.

Tour of the property and cellars, the reception room and shop, wine tourism is being established.

I ask Philippe to go on the set of Angludet. This majestic property a bit away, then you have to go see the friend Laurent Vonderheden, unfortunately just left. Pity, I would have liked to greet him and taste his "Monbrison" another discreet jewel of the appellation.

Back to "Mayne Lalande" a bit exhausted where we find the friend Bernard Lartigue sweaty but happy.

We give you an appointment in the evening at 20:00 at "Café Lavinal" in Jean-Michel and Jean-Charles Cazes.

quick visit to "Ducru Beaucaillou", Bruno Borie damage is not within its walls. More, the grape is there and these odors.

We arrive at "Cordeillan-Bages" around 18:30. Our rooms are great. In fact, this are suites (we were upgraded).

Trip to the pool with my disposable swimsuits : relaxation and the last rays of sun playing in the leaves of fig trees.

Sadly, it is still Monday and the restaurant is closed. I would have liked to taste the cuisine of friend Thierry, tant pis, for another time…

We go to the "Café Lavinal" in the hamlet of Bages, where Jean-Michel and Jean-Charles Cazes are present. Coincidence or just some friendly remnants still exist after so many years.

I love Jean-Charles. This boy is not only very friendly, but his intelligence and patience make him, I have no doubt about it, another "Cazes' important player in the Bordeaux vineyards.

This restored hamlet certainly needs patina, but it should be an example to some other owners that invest abroad and leaves die villages with prestigious names. "Come gentlemen, wake up, it is in your future and that of your children ". "You want to develop wine tourism then, follow the example of "Cazes".

Dinner Bernard Lartigue company that I find a little tired. The "Café Lavinal" is a pretty place and the chef did his best to serve tasty pub food.

Mardi : temperature 25 °

Forced to get up at 6:40. The breakfast service is a little disappointed. We need from the other side of the estuary.

Have you seen this magical river at sunrise when the ferry leaves Lamarque and across gently out this record of fire ?

The river ablaze and a time is half copper and half steel color. It is absolutely beautiful. Too bad we can not go on deck, because keep you well ? for safety reasons access is prohibited.

So, we suffer the conversations of workers from the other side that they usually this show and who speak colleagues who must "have ears whistling".

We park the car on car park of maritime fairways. We drink a coffee and we'll say hello to Jean Lissague the store of "Côtes de Blaye" (to make your wine purchases at the same price as the property).

Start walking in the vineyard. We meet the first harvesting machines and finally we notice that the result is not bad.

We climb up to the ridge that gently starts at the foot of the "castle Barbe". The friend Xavier Carreau is not there but his employees are already at work in the winery. Pity, I would have liked to say a word and cross your pretty eyes of Madame Carreau.


This place of the vineyards of Blaye is for me one of the prettiest. On the left the church steeple of Cars and right vineyards clinging to these hills and below, the Gironde. The light is beautiful in September and the landscape amazes my friend Patrice : "It's beautiful," he said.

I am the vine through a route that I have repeatedly used to when I left running since the "Belle Etoile" to Bourg Saint Androny to market.

Other times other pleasures.

We reach "Plassac", small cafe and visit the site near the church. We then climb up to the "Fishermen's Virgin" and there, the view over the vineyards and the estuary is breathtaking.

We walk quietly until "Roc de Thau" but the sun rises in the sky and we heated head. It's 11:30 ET we have an appointment with Jean Lissague 13:00 Bourg.

For it, I commandeered a car and its occupants who cooed on a bench watching the beautiful estuary.

We arrive at the restaurant right on time crimson sun and died of thirst.

We hit the road by car, not without a bit Patrice charge bottle of Côtes de Blaye.

I fall asleep in the car. We reach "Fronsac" by making a detour to the "port of Asque".

The "castle of Carles", everyone is at his post. But the expected time of departure. for here, gentlemen, we do not wine, This is the "high sewing". Everything is calculated to the millimeter and ultra modern winery is also shining a US years 50.

We visit and buy some bottles. The castle is majestic and this property produces the great "Fronsac" is certainly as good as a Grand Cru Saint Emilion. Besides, our friend "Parker" did not make a mistake.

Arrive in Saint Emilion.

The city tour is always a pleasure. What chance do we have to live in a beautiful area.

We have an appointment with Muriel Thunevin who is kind enough to accommodate us. No ostentatious luxury, displayed or wealth but comfort, space and beautiful materials. What we can do best in the spare style and strict : the dream.

The rendezvous for dinner is at 7:15 am. We have to reach the house of Thunevin in Saint-Emilion where there, we go join his friends who celebrate the Saint Michel.

Very nice, relaxed, warm, friendly. The biggest names in Saint-Emilion are present at least, those with.

We leave for dinner. Muriel prepared a meal as she has the secret. Simple, tasty and fragrant. Judge for yourself, tourin tomato, sublime, gratons absolutely exquisite and a rabbit with morels that would cry my grandmother.

I can not tell you the wine because it is almost indecent to work so late and having to taste and compare what is being done more beautiful on this terroir of Saint Emilion.

The friend Jean-Luc always as generous, very playful and simple without cheating, or interest. He opens his heart and soul.

Thank you my good friends.

The next forced to leave and to leave this beautiful house. Nicolas is not there but we see that the equipment is ready.

We join up "Pavia Macquin" by way pretty hillside.

We climb this beautiful rump with a light step and get to the castle Troplong Mondot. In the office, where two young women friendly welcome me, I ask to see "the beautiful Christine".

The beautiful Christine arrives at a run. She embodies the beauty and elegance of the vineyard.

We visit the winery that looks like an art gallery in New York. What refinement and what intelligence.

Wine is a key for me to travel and to dream. We are in paradise, anyway, children of a kindergarten listening wisely the operations manager.

We leave full of joy and confident for the future.

We go on tiptoe to "Tertre Roteboeuf" not to disturb lunch François.

We go back to the caves Ferrand, the historical enigma of Saint-Emilion.

Then we join Christophe Château near the Church of St. Hyppolite go for a bite at Philippe Carille the "Castle Poupille".

Atmosphere of harvest : the troupe is to table, lunch is on Spanish time and the cook makes prowess. Congratulations to the family Carille, bravo for this famous "Poupille" that Japanese compare to "Petrus" and especially Congratulations to the lovely Philippe woman who has the patience to endure her husband's friends.

Back to Bordeaux with images of smells and tastes.

A s you say about the three-day ride in the world's most beautiful vineyard, in this Garden of Eden, where each piece is worked, graven, monitored, cajoled by man.

What to say about these harvests that some already qualify century vintage.

What say you of all these winegrowers, but unanimously today to say that the wine was first made in the vineyard so that for years they were in the tub playing the sorcerer's apprentice for the supreme distinction : good our "Parker".

today harvest 2009, the grape is beautiful, but between those who vendangent to 5 am for having the freshest grapes, those who pick up in small crates and those already sorted in the vineyard, those who plucked the 2 sides and have some clusters some brulées, those leafless than a single side, those who have 8000 vines per hectare on fine soils or those Graves 5000 vines per hectare on clay and sandy soils, those who like to "Troplong Mondot" that tore 4 hectares for land, this poor land who are asked too, regenerate and can regain all his ardor, bios who took the bandwagon to position commercially and, even some that make the "biodynamic" as if to ask forgiveness for this land require maximum.

No grower is similar and even the great appellations options different.

Undoubtedly Bordeaux wines are far better than all New World wines and the prices of "small Bordeaux" are very accessible.

But again, although it is said that this vintage is exceptional, we must try and compare to find what is expected : a good wine .

Build your cellar with La Tupina

If you need to build you a beautiful cellar, pills "La Tupina" offers a selection of Bordeaux wines at every price.

Below you will find some addresses of our partners we wines on our map, medicine we recommend.

Do not hesitate to contact our part to make an appointment to visit their property.

LE PETIT CLUZEAU 24240 FLAUGEAC 06 12 14 64 63
AREAS J. Michel CAZES 33460 MACAU mathieu;विलार्ड@मकाज़ेस-सेलेक्शन.com 05 57 88 60 04
Château Pontet-Canet 33250 PAUILLAC info@pontet-canet.com 05 56 59 04 04
VIGNOBLES DESPAGNE RAPIN 33570 MOUNTAIN vignobles@despagne-rapin.com 05 57 74 62 18
BELLEVUE-GAZIN castle 33390 PLASSAC bellevuegazin@aol.com 05 57 42 02 00
Castle CHANTEGRIVE 33720 PODENSAC courrier@chateau-chantegrive.com 05 56 27 17 38
WINE AND VINEYARDS DOURTHE 33290 PAREMPUYRE contact@cvbg.com 06 20 82 55 97
WINE SELECTION 33130 BEGLES contact@vinhoselection.com 05 56 49 56 47
CHÂTEAU PLAIN POINT 33126 FRONSAC chateau.plain-point@orange.fr 05 57 24 96 55
TERRA BURDIGALA/WINGS 33000 BORDEAUX info@terraburdigala.com 05 57 81 68 00
CHATEAU LESTRILLE 33750 ST G. DU PUCH estelleroumage@lestrille.com 05 57 24 51 02
AXA MILLESIMES 33250 PAUILLAC contact@axa-millesimes.com 05 56 73 17 25
EARL Château CANTINOT 33390 CARS chateau.cantinot@wanadoo.fr 05 57 64 31 70
SA JULIEN DE SAVIGNAC 24260 THE BUGUE julien.de.savignac@wanadoo.fr 05 53 07 10 31
GIE VINEYARDS LAND 33210 PREIGNAC bastor@bastor-lamontagne.com 05 56 63 27 66
Castle BRILLETTE 33480 MOULIS EN MEDOC secretariat@chateau-brillette.fr 05 56 58 22 09
Câto illustration 33480 AVERSAN इन्फो@चित्रण.com 05 56 58 21 01
Château CARONNE St SAVE 33122 ST LT MEDOC fnony@chateau-caronne-ste-gemme.com 05 57 87 56 81
LAPALU AREAS 33240 BEGADAN lel@domaines-lapalu.com 05 56 41 50 18
Castle FIEUZAL 33850 LEOGNAN infochato@fieuzal.com 05 56 64 77 86
SAS Castle Parenchère 33220 LIGUEUX info@parenchere.com 05 57 46 04 17
CHÂTEAU GILETTE 51150 BISSEUIL gonet.medeville@wanadoo.fr 05 56 76 28 44
CHATEAU DE LA DAUPHINE 33126 FRONSAC contact@chateau-dauphine.com 05 57 74 06 61
EARL Château LOUSTEAUNEUF 33340 VALEYRAC chateau.lousteauneuf@wanadoo.fr 05 56 41 52 11
Château rushes 33390 ST.PAUL pascal@chateaulesjonqueres.com 05 57 42 34 88
Castle MONTUS BOUS./BRUMONT 32400 MAUMUSSON LAGUIAN fabien@brumont.fr 05 62 69 74 67
Chateau Lafon Rochet 33180 ST ESTEPHE i.noizee@lafon-rochet.com 05 56 59 32 06
Château BRANA 64220 ST-J.-PIED-DE-PORT brana.martine@wanadoo.fr 05 59 37 00 44
Castle HOSTENS PICANT 33220 LIGHTWEIGHT chateauhp@aol.com 05 57 46 38 11
SCEA Château Bertinerie 33620 CUBNEZAIS contact@chateaubertinerie.com 05 57 68 70 74
JEAN YVES BECHET 33710 LANSAC jean-yves.bechet@wanadoo.fr 05 57 68 42 15
CHÂTEAU FONREAUD 33480 LISTRAC MEDOC contact@vignobles-chanfreau.com 05 56 58 02 43
WINES FOR ANTHONY BARTON 33250 ST J. BEYCHEVELLE chateau@leoville-barton.com 05 56 59 06 05
DASSAULT CASTLE 33330 St Emilion lbv@chateaudassault.com 05 57 55 10 00
CHATEAU GRAND PUY DUCASSE 33250 PAUILLAC contact@cagrandscrus.fr 05 56 59 00 40
CASTLE FLOWER ST GEORGES 33500 POMEROL contact@lafleurdebouard/com 05 57 25 25 13
ROTHSCHILD CASTLE 33250 PAUILLAC pjean@bphr.com 05 56 73 34 27
CHÂTEAU HAUT BERGEY 33850 LEOGNAN info@vignoblesgarcin.com 05 56 64 05 22
THE HIGH CASTLE CARMES BRION 33600 PESSAC château@les-carmes-haut-brion.com 05 56 93 23 40
VIGNOBLE CARRILLE 33350 STE COLOMBE château.poupille@wanadoo.fr 05 57 40 33 04