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The Blue Pumpkin : Printemps 2017


Contents of this spring issue :
-Bordeaux, more than six million tourists in 2015
-Kill the Pig, since 1992 La Tupina
-The recipe of veal with asparagus Franck Audu
-Honor to the lamprey
-From homemade at the restaurant and the fact resto at home ? Ubereats et Deliveroo

For the Blue Pumpkin No. 12



On the occasion of the "Solitaire du Figaro", levitra held on Saturday 25 May, doctor Street door of the currency called "Rue Gourmande" the "Feast of the Lamprey" in partnership with the "Union of wine Graves" and "Brotherhood of the Lamprey".

Before "La Tupina", lamprey fishermen and canners presented their products and, many winemakers to taste their wines. Several hundred people were able to taste a dish of lamprey Graves accompanied by a glass of wine (5 euros).

A KUZINA, in the presence of Mr. Alain Juppé, were inducted by the "Commanderie de Bontemps" and "Brotherhood of the Lamprey", Yann Elies (last winner of the Solitaire du Figaro), Claire Pruvot (only woman on this event) Gilles Le Baud, Beyou and Armel le Cléach, All skippers of this legendary race.