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And GRAPE PRICE 2017 is assigned to …

Jean Saric for Castle Turon Cross in Lugasson.


Since 2012, Olivier Dauga and Jean-Pierre Xiradakis honor the wines sold within 10 euros on the property. The trend being responsible consumption, looking smart products combining low price, palatability and immediate pleasure, the "Grape Award" each year offers his favorite, certified by two professionals from the world of wine and gastronomy.

Bordeaux is indisputably the world's wine capital, and raw Vinexpo 2017 we still proves that Bordeaux wines and our city attracts aficionados from around the world of wine.

To take a new look on the good "small" wine, Dauga Olivier and Jean-Pierre Xiradakis, who have at heart for many years to protect local producers and engage consumers to turn to local produce, took the initiative to help these young winemakers creating, the "GRAPE PRICE" ... an annual price based on research and enhancement of wines sold to individuals 5 euros or less, originally produced by young winemakers. The competition, this year, was opened to older.

He was released on this hot day 21 June 2017 John Saric who is winning 4 prices that will accompany it for a year and more :

 Collaboration for a year with Olivier Dauga (The Maker of Wine)
 2 new barrels made by Jean-Christophe Varro, Cooper Jonzac
 A bet on the map of La Tupina
 The creation of a dedicated website