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Maison Fredon – the project

It was a dream that became a project : able to meet the growing demand of customers asking us to find them a bed and breakfast in town. What we found behind the walls is very encouraging : pastel coatings, sale chimneys eighteenth in "their juice", viagra the French ceilings and volumes that allow greater comfort. Street Porte de La Monnaie construction of the new mint by the Intendant Tourny in 1750 was the pretext for the modernization of this area. In the axis of the main façade of the hotel has long existed, search the street Anglaise, which it was said that the name came from the fact that in the Middle Ages, only English soldiers risked there it was so poorly attended. It is also called, street "des Arlots", plain prostitutes. Olivier Fredon and his wife, were grocers , street Porte de La Monnaie when I bought "The Tupina" in 1968. His family bought the building at the end of the eighteenth century (see photo). They lived their entire professional lives. Evening, their day's work, they climbed upstairs to bed. Olivier Fredon was a grocer. He was listening to the neighborhood. He knew all its inhabitants and their stories. His book "credit" was actually a reflection of the life of this neighborhood. When I started work on "The Tupina", the "Fredon" welcomed me with curiosity and kindness. After opening of restaurant, it was at the grocery store opposite, we were going to help us out of staples. This contact was, for us, primordial. Mr. Fredon and his wife, were the link between the restaurant and residents. It was the time, where there were still in the street, 18 shops : grocery, delicatessen, restaurant worker, bakery, pharmacy, hairdressing salon, cabinetmaker, artisans, bar… In 2000, when they stopped their activity to retire, it is quite natural to me, they have turned me offering to buy their building. The name "Maison Fredon" is a tribute to a family who has devoted his life work to small locals. PROJECT ROOM HOST, this house facing "La Tupina" accompanied 43 years of my professional life. It is a testament to the evolution of the street and its transformation. Now, this street is beautiful and harmonious. The buildings eighteenth are simple, but speak for themselves in the history of Bordeaux. In this building, I would first like to preserve this rich history. Habitat eighteenth modest indeed is the reflection of city life this time ; space, French ceilings, chimneys. This fingerprint time will be kept and development by offering 5 rooms (3 to 50 m2 2 rooms of 30 m2) where, Preference will be given comfort and decoration made furniture and contemporary artists who have shaped our time. I want to somehow provide a form of hospitality with modern criteria will appeal to your sensibility. It is an adventure that I want to share. Let me know your opinions and desires.

Some news from the "House Fredon"

Work started now for over three mois.Après facelift, shop the facade of the building is finally appeared in its strictest intensité.Il is like the first day of construction 1754. His nakedness reveals its stigmas he suffered during his last three centuries. The dressings are numerous and tell its story. The various artisans who intervened during the various work, view have not always respected his great âge.Dépourvu his poultices, online he appears with his "war wounds" hidden until today. The various blockages have made fragile, weakness has forced us to revise our. The original beams inside that we wanted to keep proved warped and relied on cracked and crumbling walls. It therefore became urgent to consider a serious restoration and durable.Monsieur LUPO, project manager, following this project with the necessary sensitivity and with as much deference as a doctor at the bedside of a very sick. The craftsman when Alex Sergent him, like the old stones and histoires.Nous have all three by agreement, decided to restore its old habit, respecting the work of the first men who made Bordeaux a architecture.A follow jewels ....