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Opening in April 2011

LA MAISON FREDON The work will be completed by the end of April. We will then be able to offer our rooms from 12 May. La Maison Fredon include 5 rooms. Two of 30 m2 and three of 50m2.Comfortables and spacious, illness they retain the spirit eighteenth, date of the construction of the building (1750). They will obviously be to current standards and, will have all the latest technology. The first small rooms, with French ceiling, restore the habitat of the bourgeois era. The second will be the charm of the bedrooms. The two big stacks will give them the ambiance "cosy" Under the roof, with a beautiful view on the Garonne, the last room. One of the most beautiful and certainly the most original with a reading corner on the floor where you can see a bull's eye wide open, Gate Street La Monnaie. These rooms with plush carpet and antique rugs, are decorated with paintings of master, original lithographs signed Adami, Tapies, Kandinsky, Arman, Seguy and some other artists that will brighten your nuits.Le furniture was also chosen to make « La Maison Fredon », the haven of good taste and design ; Lewis, Starck, Tsotsas and some other furniture design of the 1980 s will seduce you and, you spend a night inoubliable.Nous now take reservations and, for the opening of « La MAISON FREDON » we offer you a preferential rate per night for two people € 180 for small rooms and 250 € for larges. The breakfast will be offered 20 € by personne. We have to heart to offer services such as organizing tours in the Bordeaux vineyard, walks in the city. We will ensure your bookings in our various restaurants. We are waiting for you to share our passion for the city of Bordeaux. For more information contact Catherine Rousset 05 56 91 56 37

Some news from the "House Fredon"

Work started now for over three mois.Après facelift, shop the facade of the building is finally appeared in its strictest intensité.Il is like the first day of construction 1754. His nakedness reveals its stigmas he suffered during his last three centuries. The dressings are numerous and tell its story. The various artisans who intervened during the various work, view have not always respected his great âge.Dépourvu his poultices, online he appears with his "war wounds" hidden until today. The various blockages have made fragile, weakness has forced us to revise our. The original beams inside that we wanted to keep proved warped and relied on cracked and crumbling walls. It therefore became urgent to consider a serious restoration and durable.Monsieur LUPO, project manager, following this project with the necessary sensitivity and with as much deference as a doctor at the bedside of a very sick. The craftsman when Alex Sergent him, like the old stones and histoires.Nous have all three by agreement, decided to restore its old habit, respecting the work of the first men who made Bordeaux a architecture.A follow jewels ....