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As we had already experienced 2016, we organized this year in partnership with Bar-Cave a banquet to celebrate the harvest across the street from the Porte de la Monnaie. This convivial meal where 150 guests were present allowed us to create a moment of sharing with our partners, providers, friends, colleagues and neighbors.
A big thank you to our partners who helped us achieve this banquet.

Photos : Dylan Legrand


The Gourmet Street celebrated the Harvest


Friday 30 September, Rue Gourmande (Gate Street to Mint in Bordeaux) celebrated again this year harvest , moment fort of the Bordeaux seasons. Under the impulse to Pauline Xiradakis , manageress to La Tupina , Kuzina et Maison Fredon , new businesses to Street joined forces to create this beautiful free event. the Teaser lead by Fabrice Thibaut (1, Quai Ste Croix) et Le Bar Cave , directed by Hervé to Chaurand (34, Gate Street to Mint) therefore joined elders about this edition 2016, a "Rue Gourmande" which deserves its name.


Plus to 200 people responded positively to the invitation. The dinner was a pleasant and friendly way to create time to meetings between residents, producers working in collaboration with retailers to the street, families of the employees… The group Buddy Jazz Band , repeating Gate Street to Mint, was of course invited to create a beautiful musical atmosphere.

The large table, erected across the street, hosted his guests to 19h. The menu, concocted by The Teaser, La Tupina, Kuzina and the Cave Bar consisted of a bowl to campaign, a ballottine to chicken with raisins and mushrooms, a large cabbage with cream and salted butter caramel of the wine on the house Castel et André Lurton .


This successful meal could not have taken place without the support of the partners

La Fromagerie Jean d & rsquo; Alos / Charcuterie Bordelaise / Lacassagne / scrim / Terre Azur – Pomona / La Fabrique Breads and Bricoles / Transgourmet

And authorization of the Bordeaux City Hall closing the street during the event.

Photos : Marion Monedi