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New in the summer at the map of La Tupina

As each season, some dishes change to La Tupina !

We offer this summer :

  • Salad Beans, Gizzards and Bacon
  • Octopus salad marinated in sweet garlic
  • Tournedos of Beef and Foie Gras

For desserts, that classical and good !

  • Chocolate Crème Brûlée
  • French toast
  • Rice Pudding
  • Strawberries and cream


We also offer the "Classic" Menu at 64 €.

Terrine of foie gras mi-cuit
Calamari way Pibales


Cod Milk, Potatoes with Garlic or Goose Wing Confit
confit goose wing, Potatoes salardaises


"Canelé" and Icecream
Red Fruit Sorbet and "Vieux garçon" jam

Apricot pie

The apricot is a delicious fruit full of vitamins. It's good dry, viagra fresh and cooked ;

ingredients :
1kg of apricots
Puff pastry
100 gr butter
200 gr brown sugar

Recipe :

On a plaque deposit apricots, halved and pitted, rx pass them in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 mn.

Prepare your pie shell, place the apricots on the dough mumps. Sprinkle diced butter and brown sugar.

shovel 30 minutes (warm oven)

The thing :

Do not bother to make the pastry yourself ; unless it is to show your children, certain frozen pasta are excellent.

Do not put mumps directly on the dough because moisture especially fruit, if you put aside cores "the détrempera.

Eggs with Tomato Coulis

This is the season of beautiful fragrant tomatoes and juicy, viagra do not be fooled by the false "heart-to-beef" almost industrial tasteless and flavor but be seduced by the beautiful "Marmande" ripe.

ingredients :
1, decease 5kgs of tomatoes,
8 eggs
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 cloves of garlic
1 thyme

Recipe :

So make a coulis, peeling skin, remove seeds and cut into small wedges few cloves of garlic, a little thyme and a little olive oil. All in a fairly large pot, moisten with a little water, cook over low heat until liquid grout. Season.

Find the nearest home market good vote farm eggs, there are still, unfortunately not for long.

Heat the sauce in an iron skillet, when your sauce is hot and it is small craters, break your eggs and gently slide into the grout.

The eggs should cook in about the grout 4 minutes, we need the white is cooked and the yolk still liquid.

Season and serve hot pan directly on the table like at your grandma.

The thing :

If you're too lazy to do the grout, to the season, on the stairs, producers sell in jars, do not hesitate….

August : map of La Tupina exchange

In the map today, ask we take into account the desire of our female customers.

The desire of course to spend a pleasant evening on the terrace or inside in a unique setting but also to preserve a summer shape.

We offer "Ladies" in a menu 45 Euros with three dishes with seasonal vegetables.

First round a melon soup topped with a chili tip Espelette and some melon balls.

Ensuite, a slice of large tomato we bring Marmande, juicy and tasty, who will remind you eat tomatoes in the vegetable garden your grandmother. This thick slice is sprinkled with olive oil and decorated with basil leaves.

It is followed by a large platter of seasonal vegetables, carrots, courgettes, turnips, radishes, potato. These vegetables are just cooked and served warm accompanied by a small radish juice. They thus retain all their juices.

It's the perfect menu to enjoy "La Tupina" and thus discover, the flavors of the lovely vegetables from the region without taking a gram.

We also added to salads this map : Salad "mojettes" cod, salad "boiled" with new eggs and onions, of vegetable salad (vegetables julienne).

Ah, I forgot, we receive three times a week lovely live shrimp Médoc. We serve them simply sauteed in olive oil with minced garlic and Espelette pepper : it is divine !

Remember the "photo contest" to win a wine fund "Côtes de Bordeaux".

We wish you all a good end of summer.