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The Blue Pumpkin No. 11 – Winter 2016 – 2017

the-pumpkin-blue-winter 2016-2017

Our house is burning and we are looking elsewhere

One should always be wary of wars against the symbols, hospital scarves agitated to an enemy who takes all the space, absolving all other, hiding all its ramifications and complexities of grievances. Looking the hunters balefully, is focused on the muleta, then eyes widen before the videos of industrial logging ... The gaze is constantly drawn to a specific point, a fight for example, a strong image, a symbol to destroy. The modernization of our society thrives on these fights. But are they always fair ? Are the traditions enemy of our modernity today ..?
The traditions of the Southwest give nausea at any environmentalist : foie gras, ortolans, bullfighting ... For Animal Welfare, we will have to stop. Stop orchestrate, raise them, to force-feed, kill them and watch their death, eating them. There would be immense pleasures of civilization disappear but what argument ..! Some have told of slavery… The planet would end it by eating only unprocessed vegetables and animals they invade us with their presence ? The bet would panache but the probability that the human race to become vegetarian in the ages to come seems limited.
The terroir of the Southwest is a land of meat, of game, of farms. Migratory land, for birds and for men, where traditions of each coalesced traditions of others. The culinary heritage is one of the treasures of our region. The animal has been in the history of the country of place, in the farm, the plate, in the arena. The South West may seem to represent a hedonism Gascon somewhat barbaric and archaic but that is not so. When attacks easy images of animal suffering, we often inflicts blinders on everything else. When there is a hand that feeds or who gave, that student, that hunting, who kills a beast, it has been directed with respect, knowledge and recognition. The industrialization of meat production has she not been the greatest violence to the animal condition forever ? Ortolan hunting, tolerated in France but whose actions in the kitchen is already losing, forced the country to a second warning from the European Commission which calls for ban. The Landes hunter becomes the enemy to be defeated to preserve the ortolan. Pressure groups for the defense of migratory birds in war against hunters, it is the Greens cities that fight environmentalists fields. As climate change threatens the extinction of an animal species on six, we prevent, between human of the same species, take off our eyes from the small end of the telescope small unjust wars where animal welfare gains nothing.

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