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Château Ducru Beaucaillou

The origins of Château Ducru-Beaucaillou back to the early eighteenth and precisely 1720. It owes its name to the 'beautiful and large stones’ that characterize its terroir wine with exceptional advantages translate into the finesse and elegance of the wines he produces. The situation of this second classified growth 1855 the edge of the Gironde estuary also ensures an exceptional micro climate perfect for the good maturity of the great Cabernet Sauvignons. Find the offers of the castle: www.millesima.fr © September 2009 Millésima SA

futures 2009 – Château Léoville Barton / Barton Langoa: interview Anthony Barton

Château Léoville Barton has granted us an interview to comment us how Anthony Barton and his team have lived and managed the vintage 2009. Not to mention how it is reflected in the wines: Château Léoville Barton, sales Barton Langoa, viagra Interview with Anthony Barton. Be the first to learn of the release of this wine by registering on our alerts Futures: www.millesima.fr Copyright © mars 2010 Millésima SA

Video of the castle Pontet Canet

A Pontet Canet, Alfred Tesseron consists Family – not without the help of the charismatic technical director, Jean-Michel Comme – rich wines with great kindness and aromatic extent ; directly from qualities of 81 hectares serious and calcareous clay. These plots are conducted here via a total conversion biodynamic : this friendly viticulture environmental and grapes. Find deals on the Castle www.millesima.fr © Millésima SA – September 2009

Video of Château Lynch-Bages

Once owned Irish Lynch, dynastic destiny of this vintage spelled with dynamism from the purchase of Jean-Charles Cazes in 1939, baker old reconverted into viticulture and pioneer. The fifth classified and has built a solid reputation for over four generations in this family through Jean-Charles, André, the charismatic Jean-Michel Cazes. Since 2006, the son of Jean-Michel, Jean Charles, runs family all Domaines Jean-Michel Cazes. Find deals on the Castle www.millesima.fr © 2009 Millésima SA

Château Palmer video

General Palmer to the British and Dutch families, viagra Sichel et Malher-Besse, viagra through the powerful Pereire bankers, pharmacy two hundred years history written dune proud to make this third classified, moon of the best signatures of the Bordeaux vineyards. If lappellation Margaux is the champion of fine wines, stylish, "Feminine" according to the expression consecrated, Château Palmer nen no less a raw… ». Find deals on the Castle www.millesima.fr © 2009 Millésima SA

Video of the castle Montrose

Second classified growth in 1855 on the renowned Saint-Estèphe, Castle Montrose has experienced almost meteoric rise in the history of crus. Once the property for more than a century of family Charmolüe, it's in 2006 that “super second” changes hands in the person of Martin and Olivier Bouygues. Jean-Bernard Delmas (legendary director of Haut-Brion) ensures for renewal. Find the offers of the Castle : www.millesima.fr © 2009 Millésima SA

Video of Château Margaux

Margaux embodies rigor, try finesse and elegance. Both wines by the neo-Palladian architecture if scratched, Château Margaux is one of those racy wines of legend, sensual, masterfully shaped by men on a soil of a unique micro-climate. Nowadays, Corinne Mentzelopoulos, Paul Pontallier and their team will perpetuate flawless excellence. Find the offers of this Chateau: www.millesima.fr © 2009 Millésima SA

Video Chateau Lafite Rothschild

“First among the first” in the history of crus in 1855 Bordeaux, Castle Lafite Rothschild is a lord over his grave land. Carrying a long wine tradition (since 1620), its owners have been keen to produce wines of outstanding aesthetic dimension. Property admired by the greatest wine lovers the world, Baron Eric de Rothschild, helped Charles Chevallier to management, is the master of the. Find the offers of this Chateau: www.millesima.fr © 2009 Millésima SA

Video of Château La Lagune

3th classified growth in 1855 the Haut-Médoc appellation, Château La Lagune has carved out a reputation in the family wine combines finesse and balance. This is Caroline Frey, winemaker and owner, which manages brilliantly this property 80 hectares. Find the offers of this Chateau : www.millesima.fr © 2009 Millésima SA

Video of the castle Cos d'Estournel

Passionate about India and its traditions, prescription salve Louis Gaspard dEstournel said the "maharadjha Saint-Estèphe" does not once did pray to know : proof by exotic pagodas capping a superb chai renovated. The wines born in this great gravelly soils are a reference for lappellation and the global reputation of Bordeaux wines. Jean-Guillaume Prats on behalf of Michel Reybier, cialis cialis is lheureux chief dorchestre. Find the offers of this Chateau : www.millesima.fr © 2009 Millésima SA