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Hommage au patrimoine culinaire du Sud-Ouest en Algérie pour “GOUT DE FRANCE / GOOD FRANCE”

The Taste of France initiative

initiated in 2015 by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, M. Laurent Fabius, in partnership with the star chef Alain Ducasse, Taste of France / Good France is a global event that celebrates the excellence of French cuisine, its capacity for innovation and the values ​​it : sharing, pleasure, respect of "eating well", his contemporaries and the planet.


Taste of France in Algeria

In Algeria the operation was extensive and many French and Algerian leaders were on the kitchen 21 mars, in all the countries, to prepare recipes inspired by French traditions while drawing on the Algerian heritage.

The Embassy of France in Algeria and the French Institute of Algeria partnership with the prestigious Culinary College de France and La Tupina concocted a dense program combining the business with pleasure, with lectures, a competition to select young Algerian cooks who will be trained in France and a gourmet dinner in Algiers, Constantine, Annaba, Oran and Tlemcen !

Oran : Jean-Pierre XIRADAKIS, the owner of the restaurant Tupina in Bordeaux, and Franck AUDU, head chef, were greeted by Faisal HABBI in the kitchens of the Hotel Royal Ambassadors.

Tlemcen : Yves LEMARIE, chef at Relais de Listrac, in the Bordeaux region, Toula and HADJ MILOUD, young leader 27 years of age, teamed in the kitchens of the Renaissance Arabesque.

Alger : Stéphane CARRADE, chef at Petit Commerce in Bordeaux, invested kitchens Saveurs du Savoir, restaurant of the Institute of France in Algiers.

Annaba : Emmanuel Bouchet, Bordeaux head the Manufactures Bread and Bricoles, at the Residence of the Consul General.

Constantine : Julien CRUEGE, Bordeaux head, has combined his talents with those of Rachid ABROUS at Novotel.

China objective

As part of the World Expo in Shanghai, always in partnership with the”Union des Côtes de Bordeaux”, “La Tupina”, going again on this continent, export its know-how.

The 10 September, it will be during a press lunch, organized as part of a mission led by Mr. Mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppé, to “La Maison Pourcel” Standing Restaurant Jacques Pourcel starred chef (Jardin des Sens in Montpellier).

It has developed with the assistance of Jean-Pierre Xiradakis, a menu “Southwest typically” : Foie gras terrine, cod with garlic, way “Tupina”, leg “7All through the year, you can taste a lamb shoulder cooked slowly and the 7 hours leg lamb” and to finish, the inevitable toast, that you can, you also enjoy the restaurant.


Dans les cuisine de la Maison Pourcel à Shanghai

In the kitchens of the Pourcel House in Shanghai

Ensuite, Jacques Pourcel, in his restaurant (6e sens) located in the French pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo, offer to all visitors during a so-called week “week La Tupina”, a menu of 3 entries, 3 dishes and 3 desserts.

All these dishes are inspired recipe book “the kitchen “the Tupina” here are a few to get you just the mouth water….
-eggs calves with Mushrooms, blotters green asparagus, truffle emulsion,
-cod fillet with fried garlic, potatoes with parsley
-leg of lamb cooked at length in the oven and roasted garlic
-fluted Bordeaux course finite among others

Pain Perdu de "La Tupina"
All these dishes are enhanced by a selection of wines from Côtes.

The purpose of these dinners, is to establish food and wine links, with players in the world of gastronomy to, to make known “La Tupina” and Cotes de Bordeaux”, in the whole world.