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On the occasion of the Night Banquet, under Bordeaux So Good, La Tupina organizes a special meal on the theme of game and hunting.

La Tupina banquet will be held Saturday 18 November evening ,
55€ drinks / 74€ with three glasses of wine and a bottle of mineral water

Soup of sweet chestnuts, roasted fillets plaombes
Interlocking Biche, sauce poivrade
Pear in mulled wine

With us in the South West, Hunting is part of our culture.
She fed the cards of our great restaurants like our country inns.
Number of game that once made the reputation of some institutions are banned today. It remains for us to maintain the tradition and the training of our young chefs feathers and hairs that mostly come from elsewhere..
At La Tupina us “hunt” on authorized areas by making the best to preserve the culinary heritage of our land.

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As part of Bordeaux So Good, French brasserie styles the restaurant KUZINA offers a menu around the oyster, Product Southwest honored this year.

The menu will be available the 17 et 18 November 2017, 52 €

Served with three glasses of wine Graves

Poached oyster hot, Sabayon Champagne and Caviar
Tartare of St Jacques, Oyster and Chiffon Topinambourg
Lemon pie


As part of Bordeaux SO GOOD 2016, pharmacy the pair, Emmanuel Bouchet and Jean-Pierre Xiradakis, called “Young hunk” et “Old Crouton”, offer Saturday 19 November noon to 14h a free tasting of bread dishes at La Fabrique, to 47 the Rue du Pas-Saint-Georges in Bordeaux.


Beyond the symbolic value, the bread is to feed, it accompanies almost everything and it gathers around the table.
There are many varieties, and even if we eat a lot, but less in the last century, we waste in benefit.
This noon, on the occasion of Bordeaux SO GOOD, we took some old recipes that we want to share.
In your memories ...

Rubbed with garlic, grapes
Bread crumbs sautéed in butter
bean soup, bread soaked
Toast chives
Croutons of "chicken ass"
Migeot red wine, spiced pears
Milk soup, orange zest

Michel Guérard in Bordeaux So Good, first edition, November 2014

Because it is the fathers among peers, we wish to share with you the speech of Michel Guérard, chef, friend and comrade iconic in defense of regional gastronomy, for the first edition of Bordeaux So Good, French brasserie styles the 28 November 2014.


“I would like, first of all, you say how much I appreciate the honor done me to chair this first great festival of gluttony in the heart of the art of living in Aquitaine, Hoping, however, that the major argument which determined the choice has been dictated by the only criterion of age.

Aquitaine, a blessed region, a Foodland with a rich collection of exceptional products for the cook to express themselves in perfect symbiosis with this opulent that nature offers him better.

So I raise my glass and wish good luck to the first race of the "Bordeaux So Good" in its product development mission, but also men who sublimate and whose profession devotes mind and hand work,
that hand which Paul Valéry praised, writing that it was "the equal and rival of its thought, one is nothing without the other ".

What would, indeed, French cuisine, if not a silent film in black and white, if not were upstream and, behind the scenes, our associates – makers, our producer friends, vegetable, breeders, fishermen, oyster, winemakers, providers of benefits that are their noble products, products that are the cook what words are novelist, the composer musical notes and allow him to express his edgy sensibility.

A French cuisine, for centuries, continues to sing the pleasures of the table, to intimate celebrations or lavish service, as well as that of international politics, such Talleyrand and Carême, who invented duo, at the signing of the Treaty of Vienna, in 1815, what might be called the greedy diplomacy, skillfully making use of our national cuisine as deterrent for peaceful purposes, we avoid, on the way, the shame of a memorable thrashing.

French cuisine in ceaseless effervescence, ready now, and for the first time ever, to enroll in a new virtuous role, those of healthy auxiliary.

Terran or sailor, bourgeois or ceremonial, a plural French cuisine, as the country that shelters, seductive devil through the infinity of landscapes, its sites, its architectures, both essential vectors of our national identity, but also the heavy industry, providential purveyor of jobs, tourism, which alone accounts for nearly 8 % our P.I.B. and that, as such, deserves that he be given some attention.

Now facing a particularly aggressive international competition, conducted by other ambitious and active countries, one and the other make us, to avoid the risk of marginalization, having to imagine new stagings to continue to enchant audiences and assert our leadership role.

« Bordeaux So Good », in its approach to both socio-cultural and economic life could become a dynamic space of permanent reflection, a laboratory of new ideas that turn into political ideas, as interviews, like those of Bichat or Royaumont, to try to provide appropriate substantive responses to new challenges of modern times, lead us through erase some who are sometimes accused us.

Let me give you, featured, randomly, some proposals that beg to be completed :

Would it not be wise, for example, for a greater voice in the difference, presenting the Aquitaine as the most friendly region, most hospitable of France, as an innovative home screenplay written expressly for it ?

complex and subtle exercise, I agree with that, but not chimerical provided.

Preserve and defend the excellence of our expertise, convey the passion of our businesses, encourage creativity and originality, singularity, all this through information and training young people.
Would it not justified, About that, rethinking the operating bases of our hotel and culinary learning, along the lines of that set up in Germany, fully integrated with the company, and which seems, to be closely observed, more responsive and more efficient than ours ?

Promote a new gastronomic tourism,
Would it not relevant and gratifying than engaging - and I dream ! – an exercise that would, as part of a large regional contest, Aquitaine to create new culinary products fortifieraient even more our identity (pâtés, sausages, pies ... like in the 19th century), reinventing, at the same time, our local cuisine, the one that enjoys saucer threadbare at great country bread shots ?

Our gourmet cell is the region, lest we forget, not the nation.

Kitchen "tawny" to perfection, celebrating excellence in simplicity, borrowing, to do this, Popular products with a strong identity and perfect quality meets a double objective :

surprise the traveler with an unexpected new regional culinary offer, enticing, malicious.

Together conquer a new catchment areas, extended through quality report / attractive price.

Some may find some impertinence in my comments relating to tradition but tradition, this is not the worship of ashes is the transmission of fire !
A restaurant is not an eco-museum or a waiting room, but a theater of pleasures, displaying two shows a day, and he must know renew constantly show, before the guests not yawn of boredom.

If the kitchen, finally, East, as courtesy, exquisite way of being guests, it is nevertheless a trade, which must constantly to survive, to escape the generosity deficit, imagination ... and cash, keeping, Of course, always in mind, that the client, great Traveller – online consumer, remains the precious cornerstone of our business restaurateur whose objective, the duty and interest, are, I just remind you, to fully satisfy.

What a tone learned and concisely, my apprenticeship master, philosopher in his spare time and full-time give lessons, summed up :
"Better to quarrel with two eggs with a single customer" !
So, dear friends cooks, cookers, People pots and theater, I would be happy, together, we reflect on these new challenges, we see covered in the spirit of conquest of an international sporting challenge, and we take great pleasure in meeting the ...

Good luck, so, the frigate "Bordeaux So Good", hopes to conquer loaded wedges, and make sure that, across all strengths, this contemporary shipping accesses the art of the possible, by doing everything to ensure that no headwind will make the fall like a souffle, were he in Armagnac !

So, Dear friends, celebrate together, now, if you really want it, this new way of life in Aquitaine !”

Michel Guérard
Friday 28 November 2014