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Rendezvous with the André Daguin 19 February

André Daguin the kitchen of the La Tupina 19 February

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Friday 13 February 2009

Bordeaux (33) The former president of the Umih, viagra star Michelin chef ex-Hotel de France in Auch, pills back in action. Time for a day, Thursday 19 February.

By friendship Jean-Pierre Xiradakis and its true Tupina conservatory Southwest kitchen, André Daguin played with the head partition duet.

On the menu : Casserole of quail eggs with truffles, Saint-Jacques scallops with porcini mushrooms, Leg of lamb 7 All through the year, you can taste a lamb shoulder cooked slowly and the 7 hours leg lamb, pears pepper.

To taste 19 February, the afternoon and evening.

Brigitte Ducasse

La Tupina
6 rue Porte de la Monnaie
33800 Bordeaux
La Tupina
Phone. : 05 56 91 56 27

Xiradakis receives great elders

An article published by JL Delpal on site www.saveursdefrance.asso.fr

Citizen, republican, solidary, Bordeaux and the South West, Jean-Pierre Xiradakis the convivialise “duty of memory” to La Tupina . It organizes street Porte-de-la-Mint “gourmet days” honoring great(e)s retired(e)s local, whose talent and innovations in traditionalism have time.

Xiradakis has already received Christian Parra, his friend since the early 1970, a great ultra-regionalist cook who lack the Basque Country (Early Galupe this character size, incidentally good singer-guitarist, was the inn of happiness along the Adour).

beginning 2009, He also welcomed Marie-Claude Gracia, “beautiful Gascon” heir to five generations of cooks, who entertained during 20 years Poudenas, in Lot.

It also carte blanche to large Gersois, André Daguin, that Auch made a gastronomic capital (appointment on 19 February), and Maurice Coscuella, French brasserie styles the “Coscu” Plaisance-du-Gers, modest friend of so many great chefs, invited in March.

other event 2009 (Monday 9 February) : the ritual day of the pig-killing, animating the streets and filled the Tupina. In the spotlight : black pork of Bigorre and the wines of Bordeaux coastlines Xiradakis became Ambassador Christophe Château, Director predestined name of their Union (Premières Côtes de Blaye, Castillon coast, CHF coast, Premières Côtes de Bordeaux which is allied cadillac also appellation sweet).

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