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lamb liver escalope recipe

You eat more shade and yet it is in these that the meat more flavor found. The lamb liver, viagra if it is not cooked, stuff is really good. ingredients :1 liver agneau100 gr farine1 bunch of chives, store 1 glass vinaigreSel and pepper Recipe :Make beautiful cutlets 1cm thick salt and pepper and flour them a peu.Dans a little duck fat in a frying pan sear the scallops to brown the 2 minutes on each side, careful not too make leather liver must remain rosé.Réservez seconds on paper towels and then degrease vinegar wine and reduce a peu.Servez sauce over the scallops and add the chopped chives. The thing : For flour cutlets, dry well on paper absorbant.Si you want to do a little more chic and impress your guests make the same recipe and add it as grapes for foie gras.