Bordeaux Fall City

It's sometimes a little sadness that we leave the summer and hot weather, buy residents have reinvested the city, children drag their new school bags and join the way to school. The seasons charts, instead of autumn is not to envy. However, despite the first rains, despite the light that runs out, Bordeaux is beautiful in autumn and found its sweetness ; the end of the harvest is celebrated and vines create furrows gold and ocher in the countryside, markets are marked by the arrival of mushrooms and game, we feel the first chimney fires ...
Autumn is well suited to the colors of Bordeaux. Stone the Gironde, its blond, goes well with cloudy skies : the first ray of sun it shines and golden hues burst by their contrast. Garonne brown here, creamy, casing the banks of softness and leaves form brown monochromes.
The building in the City of Wine will also create his first game with the autumn lights. The museum is exceptional, enjoy it..
We wish you all a beautiful autumn 2016 !

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