Founded by Jean-Pierre in Xiradakis 1968, La Tupina wrote a page in the history of the Bordeaux kitchen by following its own course : defense products and producers in the region, preserve the taste and beliefs. The legacy is strong, serving good food and loyal customers : the Bordeaux come together and it will celebrate the great events of their lives while visitors from around the world come to discover our region by the plate.

There is 5 years of age, Jean-Pierre Xiradakis entrusted the management of this institution in his daughter Pauline and his kitchen the chef Franck Audu.
Both continued since the tradition of La Tupina under the eye of its creator attentive. Pauline Xiradakis it implements its training at Sciences Po, Franck Tissue ses 30 years of kitchen experience. They have been working hand in hand, with passion, the sustainability of the family business.

This end of year 2019, to 74 years of age, Jean-Pierre Xiradakis definitely passes the reins of the restaurant that has created Franck Audu.

This Southwest child 47 years easy smile and the free speech exercised its chef business in renowned restaurants, especially with two best workers in France, Marcelin and Michel Pujol.
For Franck Audu, be chef is his passion, in sharing and generosity of good food and especially "please".

For over five years, it attaches with Jean-Pierre Xiradakis promote Southwest gastronomic traditions, particularly through their culinary travels in Algeria, Moldova, the United States and Georgia.
The two men have created an almost filial link, the same attachment to the traditions of La Tupina.

"Franck is not a man of ephemeral trends", according to Jean-Pierre Xiradakis, "Its authentic cuisine has taste and he knows showcase the products of our region to bring La Tupina among the best restaurants in the world".

For Franck Audu : « La Tupina, it is primarily a tradition : that of Southwest cuisine built around local and genuine products. This is a place to share, a veritable institution in Bordeaux. I heart to preserve this identity, meet again and again our customers and keep intact the spirit of La Tupina created by Jean-Pierre accompanying me in this project. »