La Tupina in Georgia !

In the framework of France Taste 2019, La Tupina will be in Georgia.

This trip will be an opportunity to visit the monastery in the village of Phoka open 1992 and meet the sisters who have revived a production ancestral cheeses from 25 years of age.

Introduced for the first time in the region by Catholic missionaries in the eighteenth century, the culture of the blue cheese was a hit with the sisters and their bishop. Thereafter, des religieuses se sont rendues dans un couvent en France pour apprendre la méthode de fabrication du fromage. A leur retour, elles ont commencé à faire des expériences.

Cinq ans plus tard, elles produisent 16 différents types de fromages Phoka avec la technologie européenne et aussi près de 40 types de confitures artisanales, du miel et des chocolats que l’on peut acheter dans le magasin situé dans la cour du couvent.

A la suite de cette visite, a masterclass will be held followed by a dinner with French leaders and Julien Franck Audu Cruège the Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, a refined hotel in eclectic style located in a former printing.

To finish this trip in style, bringing food 60 guests will take place at the monastery. The Leonid father with his sisters cook with us. During this dinner, Franco-Georgian cuisine will be honored.