The Feast of Tomato, as the Kill Pig or Gerbaude the late harvest, is an event proposed by La Tupina to allow the meeting with regional producers and discover the local products in a festive mood morning.


Farmers highlighted during the summer the difficulty of their trade and economic suffocation to which they are often forced by supermarkets. Pulling prices down, supermarkets do not work miracles : if the consumer finds it sometimes on food prices, we can only deplore the quality that suffers intensive production methods and the economic situation of the farmer who often observes powerless margins no longer allowing him to consider the profitability of its efforts.

Tomato does not tolerate mediocrity : when it is bland and tasteless, it does not even deserve to hide in a mixed salad. In all its quality, it is self sufficient and even a "hook" to satisfy our taste buds.

In France, we eat a dozen kilos per year per person when fresh, and almost as much when transformed. Professionals in intensive production, after being concerned about the shelf life and resistance of the former "golden apple" responded his last years by creating new sweeter tomatoes, redder, the "tomato clusters" very fragrant, of "cherry tomatoes" if practices aperitif and "beef heart" industrial, Queens of deception…

To end his season in La Tupina, we want to celebrate the tomato we stand : one that took the time to fill with sun and has not had to suffer sickness, one that is nourished by the earth and sometimes damaged has not been ruled by racial profiling.

We invited our "pros" Tomato to meet with you, you taste and taste the tomato in all its forms, talk and celebrate with dignity : easy cooking workshop in the street by the brigade of La Tupina and making coulis by our producer Philippe Lherme / Tomatoes tasting in different forms / Presentation by the association "Tomato Garden" Landiras different varieties and recipes / Meetings with producers and associations and presentation of Tomato by Philippe Richard, Director of the Botanical Garden of Bordeaux / Tasting "White Limé" by vineyards Ducourt / Live painting ...

And to finish the morning rue Porte de la Monnaie, Kuzina restaurant and the La Tupina offer two menus "All Tomate" :

A La Tupina, menu at 39 €

Amuse bouche : Cold Tomato Soup
STARTERS : Colorful Tomato Salad and Egg Broken with Tomato
MAIN COURSE : Tomato Stuffed with Escargots
DESSERT : Tomato soup, Strawberries and Basil

A Kuzina menu 17 €

STARTER : Dako (pain sec, tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, olive oil and oregano)
MAIN COURSE : Stuffed tomatoes
DESSERT : Cream puffs, Caramel Tomatoes

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