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Asparagus table in Blaye – 2th

A l’occasion de cette 2 th édition de l’Asperge du Blayais à Table, you came numerous to share this moment of sharing and conviviality in music. We thank you.

A big thank you to our partners the PABA (Association of asparagus producers of Blaye), the winemakers of the appellation Cotes de Bordeaux Blaye, les vignerons de Tutiac et les Vignobles Bouillac.


En voici une vidéo, pour ceux qui n’étaient pas présents.


At the meeting the Georgian soil !

Dans le cadre de la 5 th édition de Goût de France, Jean-Pierre Xiradakis accompanied by Chief Audu Franck went to Georgia to exchange both with foreign leaders, representatives of the local culinary tradition and meet the local cuisine in different aspects.

During this trip, un dîner de gala franco-géorgien dans l’esprit « Goût de France » a été organisé réunissant 80 convives en présence de S.E l’Ambassadeur de France. Des grands vins réalisés à partir de cépages autochtones géorgiens ont été servie tels que Saperavi, Kisi du Domaine Lukasi.

Un débat autour des « Enjeux de la gastronomie durable en Géorgie et en France » mené par les deux chefs s’est déroulé au restaurant « Chveni » créé par Guram Baghdoshvili, chef Gault et Millau 2018 en Géorgie. They discussed the importance of promoting Georgian products, the protection of sustainable agriculture and protection of protected designations.

Then, leaders visited Kakheti, wine region par excellence birthplace of winemaking. A Shuamta, with the sisters of the Monastery, they got down to preparing a lunch for Lent with local and seasonal products. This vegan lunch was held at the Alaverdi Monastery bringing together high-ranking guests as Archbishop David, the ambassadors, senior Georgian officials and the Georgian religious community. Wines aged in clay jars by Georgian monks and co-produced with Badagoni field accompanied lunch.

A masterclass "Georgian Terroir" for the Georgian leaders apprentices was conducted by the two leaders to develop around local traditional products and discuss the future of world gastronomy.


Here are videos of the trip to Georgia:


In partnership with the Association of asparagus producers Blayais, La Tupina invites you to celebrate 2 th edition of "Asparagus of table Blayais" SUNDAY 07 AVRIL 2019 from 11h to 14h in the Gate Rue de la Monnaie in Bordeaux

Screenshot 2019-03-28 to 09.10.34

• Wine tasting and direct sale of Blayais asparagus
• Direct sale of wine Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux
• Inducted to the Brotherhood “Asparagus Blayais and wine Tutiac”
• Buddy Jazz Band

gastronomic festival, moment of conviviality and sharing

On Sunday 07 April 11h to 14h, the Tupina associated with the Association of Blayais Asparagus Producers organize 2 th edition of "Asparagus of table Blayais". It is a gastronomic feast announcing the arrival of spring. It will both discover production 2019 valued by the chef of the restaurant and the meeting with the asparagiculteurs.

"Asparagus from Blaye, favorite of King Louis XIV who made her discover Vauban, is easily identifiable, it is white (White toe to heel) or violet (tip from pink to purple with the rest of the shoot white). Asparagus of high quality, it is delicate and tasty. Perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness, this transient vegetable (on the shelves only from March to May), unique taste, slightly sweet sweet, melting in the mouth, is also very inspiring for leaders including starred. »

Jean-Pierre Xiradakis, famous owner of La Tupina, Pauline Xiradakis, manageress, Franck et Audu, chef, are waiting for this 2 th edition of "Asparagus Blayais table".

On this occasion, La Tupina offer you several suggestions with asparagus.

Think book …
La TUPINA : 05 56 91 56 37 // or by mail to latupina(at)latupina.com

Our partners :
The Association of asparagus producers Blayais (PAB) / The winemakers of Tutiac / The winemakers of the appellation Cotes de Bordeaux Blaye / Vineyards Bouillac

In the program :
– Tastings and direct sales Blayais asparagus
– Direct sale of wine Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux
– 11H45: Inducted to the Brotherhood “Asparagus Blayais and wine Tutiac” of M.P.FORT (Peasants Rougeline)

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DAILY MENU -Thursday 18 avril 2019 – La Tupina



Thursday 18 avril 2019


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For this 26 edition of the "Kill Pig", you came many to share this
good time and sharing with us. We thank you.

And a big thank you to our partners : La Ferme des Vallons for the pig, livestock
Bordeaux, La Fabrique Breads and Bricoles, Preserves the Guard, castles La Dauphine,
Ducourt, Fonréaud and Chantegrive.

Here are some photos, for those who were present at the gourmet street.

See you next year !

La Tupina in Georgia !

In the framework of France Taste 2019, La Tupina will be in Georgia.

This trip will be an opportunity to visit the monastery in the village of Phoka open 1992 and meet the sisters who have revived a production ancestral cheeses from 25 years of age.

Introduced for the first time in the region by Catholic missionaries in the eighteenth century, the culture of the blue cheese was a hit with the sisters and their bishop. Thereafter, des religieuses se sont rendues dans un couvent en France pour apprendre la méthode de fabrication du fromage. A leur retour, elles ont commencé à faire des expériences.

Cinq ans plus tard, elles produisent 16 différents types de fromages Phoka avec la technologie européenne et aussi près de 40 types de confitures artisanales, du miel et des chocolats que l’on peut acheter dans le magasin situé dans la cour du couvent.

A la suite de cette visite, a masterclass will be held followed by a dinner with French leaders and Julien Franck Audu Cruège the Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, a refined hotel in eclectic style located in a former printing.

To finish this trip in style, bringing food 60 guests will take place at the monastery. The Leonid father with his sisters cook with us. During this dinner, Franco-Georgian cuisine will be honored.

Cassoulet La Tupina in New York !

All last week, cassoulet La Tupina prepared by chef Franck Audu was to map in Benedict N.Y the restaurant Alain Ducasse. It was an opportunity for Americans to discover this southern West specialty.

The "week cassoulet" in New York was organized by Ariane Daguin, daughter of André Daguin, the famous restaurateur Auscitain.

This event brought together 28 leaders from around the United States to cook a French recipe, cassoulet. Ils ont été jugés par cinq jurys français dont Jean-Pierre Xiradakis de La Tupina.



La Tupina - Gourmet Street invites you to celebrate the "Kill Pig"
on Sunday 10 MARS 2019 from 10 o'clock
throughout the Porte Rue de la Monnaie in Bordeaux

jpg flyer kills front pig

• Free tastings
• Wines of Bordeaux
• Buddy Jazz Band
• Lunch "every pig" on reservation

“In thee all good, chair, fat, muscle, tripe.
We love you galantine, on t’adore, boudin !
Your foot – which holy dedicated type-
Borrowing its aromc ground Perigord,
Socrates had reconciled with Xantippe.
Your net embellished by pickle playful,
Form lunch from the humble city
And you spend with goose Brother Philip.
precious merits and all recognized,
Pieces marked advance, countless, fleshy.
Philosopher lazy eater
and you eat !
As, in our pride we welcome
To want, is not it ? blame yourself for your mire;
Adorable pig, animal-king !
Charles Monselet

traditional feast, neighborhood meal and sharing citizen

On Sunday 10 March from 10am, La Tupina organizes the "Kill pig", in association with partner *. This popular event is the only urban Kill Pig perpetrated since 1993 Gate Rue de la Monnaie in Bordeaux. Every year, This annual event is an opportunity to offer residents a great snack "every pig".
Kill the pig is an ancient practice in European campaigns. It is to take down the pig farm. This popular custom is prevalent since ancient times and takes place between the months of December and February. The event takes place over three days and is held twice a year.
Common in many European countries, this craft enough to feed a family of meat but also cold cuts for a year.
Long considered a sign of prosperity for the family, Kill the pig is intended to ensure the meat of a family needs. This is an opportunity to get together with family and share moments of conviviality.
Jean-Pierre Xiradakis, famous owner of La Tupina, Pauline Xiradakis, manageress, Franck et Audu, chef, you expect for this Kill pig 2019.

On this occasion, restaurants in the streets offer their "All pig" menu :

A La Tupina, menu at 34 €
Jimbourra soup (sausage soup)
Croquette and black pudding salad
Carré de porc aux us pruneaux Agen and rice
pig surprise
A Kuzina, menu at 24 €
Jimbourra soup (sausage soup)
Croquette and black pudding salad
Apple pie

In partnership with the Bar-Cave, menu at 18 €
Country terrine with walnuts shallot chutney
pork ribs coated with the plancha (outdoors), potatoes maison
Basque cake

Think book …
La TUPINA – KUZINA : 05 56 91 56 37 // or by mail to latupina(at)latupina.com
BAR-CELLAR : 05 56 31 12 33

Our partners :
The Société Bordelaise reproduction printed flyers gracefully.
The pig is provided by the Ferme des Vallons which gives us half of the pig.

In the program :
– 10h : Pig cutting in the street outside La Tupina (6 rue Porte de La Monnaie)
– 11h : Snack street (free for all) and Bordeaux Wine tastings
– 12:30 : Lunch pork

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MENU OF DAY – Friday 09 November 2018 – LA RUE GOURMANDE


Friday 09 November 2018
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