August : map of La Tupina exchange

In the map today, ask we take into account the desire of our female customers.

The desire of course to spend a pleasant evening on the terrace or inside in a unique setting but also to preserve a summer shape.

We offer "Ladies" in a menu 45 Euros with three dishes with seasonal vegetables.

First round a melon soup topped with a chili tip Espelette and some melon balls.

Ensuite, a slice of large tomato we bring Marmande, juicy and tasty, who will remind you eat tomatoes in the vegetable garden your grandmother. This thick slice is sprinkled with olive oil and decorated with basil leaves.

It is followed by a large platter of seasonal vegetables, carrots, courgettes, turnips, radishes, potato. These vegetables are just cooked and served warm accompanied by a small radish juice. They thus retain all their juices.

It's the perfect menu to enjoy "La Tupina" and thus discover, the flavors of the lovely vegetables from the region without taking a gram.

We also added to salads this map : Salad "mojettes" cod, salad "boiled" with new eggs and onions, of vegetable salad (vegetables julienne).

Ah, I forgot, we receive three times a week lovely live shrimp Médoc. We serve them simply sauteed in olive oil with minced garlic and Espelette pepper : it is divine !

Remember the "photo contest" to win a wine fund "Côtes de Bordeaux".

We wish you all a good end of summer.


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