André Arnaud and DAGUIN to "La Tupina" the 17 November

Andrew and Arnaud Daguin are friends.

Andre's father, at the time he was shining the stars of the Hotel de France in Auch, Tupina had come to make a state dinner.

I thank Coach, at this moment, the restaurant did not know the reputation today.

Andrew taught me that cooking was done with local products and the need to encourage farmers in the region, the highlight, to promote it. The lesson has been learned.

Now, for the release of their book “1 Duck, 2 Daguin”, I had to honor them.

That is why, we offer Thursday 17 November in the evening, to check out our map two dishes that feature prominently in it.

  • The Papillotte of scampi Liver costs
  • Mushrooms Vintage-Cooked Salted Magret

They will be present both in “La Tupina”.

The next day, they will be at the bookstore “MOLLAT” to autograph their book.

We are waiting for you.

La Tupina

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