At the meeting the Georgian soil !

As part of the 5 th Taste edition of France, Jean-Pierre Xiradakis accompanied by Chief Audu Franck went to Georgia to exchange both with foreign leaders, representatives of the local culinary tradition and meet the local cuisine in different aspects.

During this trip, a Franco-Georgian gala dinner in the spirit of "Taste of France" was organized gathering 80 guests in the presence of H.E. the Ambassador of France. Great wines made from indigenous varieties Georgians were served such as Saperavi, Kisi du Domaine Lukasi.

A debate on "Challenges of sustainable gastronomy in Georgia and France" led by the two leaders took place at the restaurant "Chveni" created by Guram Baghdoshvili, Gault Millau chef 2018 Georgia. They discussed the importance of promoting Georgian products, the protection of sustainable agriculture and protection of protected designations.

Then, leaders visited Kakheti, wine region par excellence birthplace of winemaking. A Shuamta, with the sisters of the Monastery, they got down to preparing a lunch for Lent with local and seasonal products. This vegan lunch was held at the Alaverdi Monastery bringing together high-ranking guests as Archbishop David, the ambassadors, senior Georgian officials and the Georgian religious community. Wines aged in clay jars by Georgian monks and co-produced with Badagoni field accompanied lunch.

A masterclass "Georgian Terroir" for the Georgian leaders apprentices was conducted by the two leaders to develop around local traditional products and discuss the future of world gastronomy.


Here are videos of the trip to Georgia: